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Weight Control

Most of us enjoy eating. You only have to walk into any supermarket to be met with an array of mouth-watering temptations. The truth is it is perfectly natural to enjoy eating and in fact its part of our natural programming to want to eat.  We can imagine that evolution designed our caveman & cavewoman bodies to store up food in moments of plenty, to tide our bodies through times when food might have been scarce. 

Happily in the modern society that most of us live in, food is abundant. Less happily the primitive part of our brain is still encouraging us to store up all that food just in case. It reminds us just how good food tastes especially those sugary and fat laden foods.  They taste so good and we shouldn’t be satisfied until we are full.

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Some people are lucky and their bodies are less good at putting on weight.  Others are blessed with less appetite (or drive to eat). However most of us need to work hard to maintain a sensible weight. We have to make a conscious effort to eat sensibly. Some people try so called fad diets or crash diet programs and for a few these work. For others these diets work for a while or to some degree, but eventually the continuous willpower needed to succeed cannot be sustained and we slip back to where we started.

Let me remind you that your desire to eat and enjoy food is quite natural.

Most of us have heard the modern wisdom on diets. “Find a sensible diet that you can stick to”. Its very sensible advice.  After all if we can just sustain that diet for long enough then our underlying patterns of behaviour (programming) can begin to change and they will. We can get used to eating less and making healthy choices. We can learn to moderate our desire to eat.

"After many failed attempts to lose weight and keep it off, solution focused hypnotherapy has proved very successful. I have lost 3 stone and kept it off for almost a year now.."

                 Cathy. Taunton

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Now, however much you may enjoy your food and however often you eat something you know your not supposed to, I know there will have been exceptions. Moments when you were able to say ‘no’. These will have been moments in your life when you have felt on top of things. Moments when the positive thinking intellectual part of your mind has been in control.  In the driving seat.  For most us the positive intellectual part of our mind knows how to eat sensibly, when to eat and what to eat, but the primitive emotional part of the brain nevertheless drives us to indulge.

Here is where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help. A powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Therapy can help to put you into a more positive frame of mind that allows you to take better control of your eating habits.  We use a range of techniques together to help focus the mind on the positive outcomes of weight control.  We take small achievable steps towards establishing those more sensible eat patterns that can become a natural part of a positive more self confident pattern of everyday life.