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Students and Young People

Being in your teenage years and even your early twenties can be hard. It is a time when we may feel particularly vulnerable. The pressure of academic work and exams can be very real. Worry about the future may also become intense as we near the end of college and have to make decisions about our future.

Being a young person, you may also experience considerable pressure from peers both in the classroom and on line from social media.  The need to look 'good', to be seen to be having a great time, or trying to be one of the in group, can create deep anxiety.  Bullying online can mean that even home is no longer feels refuge it used to be. All these issues can seriously undermine self esteem and confidence.

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Students in Classroom

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of turning these situations around by working with you to build self confidence and self acceptance.  Learn how to feel more comfortable about yourself and able to participate more confidently at school, college, with family and friends.