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If you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of being a smoker or a non-smoker, you’ll always come to the same conclusion – only an idiot would actually choose to be a smoker.  This is something that you know.  However, if it was easy for you, you would not be sitting there. So why is it so difficult for some of us to give up?

Well, no doubt you have already worked out that it is a subconscious response - if we cannot do something with the part of the mind we know as the intellectual mind, and generally we can, then it must be the subconscious mind.

(The subconscious mind has two main areas of involvement - it looks after all functions of the mind and the body and is there to help us out in truly dangerous situations).

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Invariably, within the subconscious mind there will be conflicting feelings. There will be a 'pro-smoking lobby' and an 'anti-smoking lobby'. If they are evenly balanced then we can generally tip the balance without too much trouble. If though the pro-smoking lobby is much the more powerful, as we can be fairly sure that it is in your case, then it is difficult to bridge the gap, particularly as the pro-smokers lobby will have some very powerful arguments to suggest that smoking is 'good for stress', it 'helps you cope with the day', 'helps you enjoy life a bit more'.

Sadly, the subconscious has got it completely wrong - smoking is a major causes of stress and anxiety.


More seriously, deaths by smoking are six times higher than the total deaths arising from road traffic accidents, poisoning and overdose, other accidental deaths, murder and manslaughter, suicide and HIV infection. Smokers lose on average 16 years of life compared to non-smokers.

Now for the good news.  When you give up smoking your health will improve. Your risks of heart disease and lung cancer will rapidly start to come down and you will feel healthier almost at once. Hypnotherapy can give you impetus to help you give up for good.  Think how good you will feel about yourself and even how much money you will save.