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Whatever your fears or phobia, I would like to help.

Fears and Phobias are not unusual - whether its a general fear such as going out, fear of social occasions or a more specific fear of flying, giving a speech, or fear of heights. Whatever the fear, if it is effecting your life, we can help. It might surprise you just how many people I see who have hidden fears and phobias. To some people your fear or phobia may be laughable but I know just how real your fear can be. How impossible it can feel to overcome that fear.

Often my clients will cringe visibly at even an associated word or spend their lives trying to avoid a subject or situation.  We all face moments of trepidation, fear and uncertainty in our lives. When it gets to the point where your fear or experience is preventing you from living life to the full, then in our view, that is the time to do something about it.

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The human mind is an amazing thing.  Undoubtedly the most powerful and resourceful problem solving device in the known universe. However our minds have developed as part of an evolutionary process, and your mind contains powerful tools for learning and dealing with danger.  In our modern lives where these ‘fight or flight’ responses are generally less useful, strong behavioural responses or fears can nevertheless be set up.  It is usually when we are stressed or anxious these primitive parts of the brain can sometimes overreact and set up patterns of fear or thought that you find difficult or impossible to control.

"{Solution Focused Hypnotherapy}....... helped enormously in dealing with my fear of flying and of going to the dentist."

                 Cathy Taunton

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In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we have some powerful tools that can quickly help the mind to resolve the fear, removing or lessening the emotional responses and enabling the strong, positive, resourceful part of your mind to take control. We can help you deal with your fear and help you to reframe your perspective on the event so that you can proceed with a new peace of mind and inner confidence.

Where we are dealing with a specific phobia or a traumatic event, even in cases where you may have lived with the fear, feelings or phobia for decades, you can expect that we will quickly be able to make significant progress.  If you have suffered a phobia for a long time, you will probably be aware of it getting worse over time. Now is the best time to act.