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I can help you rediscover what its like to sleep well

Insomnia can be a debilitating condition, leaving you tired and exhausted during the day. Sometimes it can be exacerbated by picking up bad habits or making poor choices about when you go to bed.  Often it can be associated with stress and anxiety in your life (even when you are not really aware of those anxieties at a conscious level)

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you get a good nights sleep and help you to deal effectively with any problems or anxieties that are underlying the situation.

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When you sleep normally your brain processes and deals with the anxieties of your day.  It does this during the ‘rapid eye movement’ or ‘dreaming’ part of your sleep. Generally, when you sleep well, your sleep does its job and you wake up refreshed and relaxed the next day.  However, if there are hidden (or unhidden) anxieties in your life, the primitive subconscious part of our brain treats anxiety and stress like danger and may decide it would be safer for you to be awake.  (This is an evolutionary response developed for our ancient caveman ancestors.  Useful if you live in the wild!)

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Anxieties may keep your mind working, preventing you from sleeping, disturb your sleep or wake you up in the night. You then fail to process your anxieties effectively, fail to replenish your mind and end up in a vicious circle of sleep deprivation and underlying stress.

Hypnotherapy can help to break this unwanted pattern of anxiety and sleeplessness and get you back to a happier, more restful pattern of life.

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