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I can help you find the happy, content you.

Everyone has experienced feeling depressed at some time in their life and its not a nice place to be. Actually, it is a natural reaction to certain stimuli in life, a part of a range of reactions that were given to our early ancestors to help them survive in the wild.  Today it perhaps serves few useful purposes and most of us would like to be quickly rid of it when it comes upon us.

If you are feeling depressed or suffering from depression you are not alone, many of the great and the famous will suffer or have suffered depression.  The great Winston Churchill suffered from it, calling it ‘The Black Dog’.  If you are feeling depressed you will probably recognise common symptoms such as, lack of motivation to do anything, hopelessness, difficulty in focussing clearly, finding a lack of self confidence or expecting the worst to happen.

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Depression can create a downward spiral of negative speculation and feelings that lead to deeper depression.  Poor sleep patterns including over sleeping can make this worse.  Your brain can literally exhaust itself trying to deal with your problems and anxieties. It may feel unbeatable at the moment, but there is definitely something you can do about it.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in breaking the grip of depression, helping move your mind towards a more positive upwards cycle of thinking.  Better still, it can help to give you the tools you need to maintain a positive outlook on life. The process of Hypnotherapy can help you to take control of your life, supporting the powerful intellectual part of your mind to start finding solutions to your problems. Don’t suffer in quiet desperation, but take an active step today towards becoming the positive, self-confident person you want to be. Together we can work to reawaken the inner you. (Note. You may also like to look at my page on Anxiety).

"My life has been turned around since I got over my depression. I look forward to things and enjoy my life now."
              Adam, Taunton