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Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

I can help you to become the more relaxed, happier, person you want to be

It’s helpful to know that anxiety & stress are actually a part of the natural functioning of the brain. They are there to remind us that we need to pay urgent attention to something. Not only would we be very dull people if we did not pay attention to what was going on around us, but also our early ancestors would not have lasted long out in the wild!

In modern life (where we are not likely to be eaten by wild animals), your brain still reacts in similar ways. For example, that letter from the bank, the deadline, an argument, and all the other worries of modern day life, create what we call stress or anxiety. Of course a little bit of stress or anxiety in your life can be perfectly acceptable but it can get out of hand. Before you know it your imagination can step in and make the situation worse. Too much anxiety and stress create the very negative thinking or speculation that gives rise to them, potentially sending you into a downward spiral of negative thinking and misery. If left unchallenged, negative feelings can become a habit and our lives can become miserable.

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Now generally, given a proper sleep pattern and a positive frame of mind, most of us manage to keep our stress levels under control. However, sometimes, perhaps due to a worrying nature, a serious mishap, loss, the wrong job or a combination of events and experiences, stress and anxiety levels can start to spiral out of control. This can affect your sleep patterns making things even worse, possibly even throwing you into depression or giving rise to panic attacks.

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Whether you are feeling deeply depressed or suffering from increasing levels of stress and anxiety there is good news.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you break those spirals of negative outlook and feeling and move you back into a positive place. Here the news gets better. Once you are starting to think and feel more positively (and we know you may not feel that is possible at the moment), the subconscious brain itself steps in to support the process. Once we help you start to think in a more positive way, the subconscious brain will join in and start to use your life experience and skills to search for positive solutions to your problems, helping you find your way forward to the positive, self-confident person you want to be. A very real transformation takes place.

"l would recommend Victoria 100%. Victoria really helped to get my brain working for me instead of against me. A lovely person who saw the bigger picture, helped put the past where it belong's, totally helping me get on with and enjoy my life."
                V. Wellington

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