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I can help you to become calmer the person you want to be

We all know anger.  In fact it is a natural response within the brain to certain stimuli.  It is part of the survival instincts that evolution gave us.

However, in our modern lives anger can often be destructive. You may remember an incidence of getting angry at another motorist or perhaps even a loved one.  In modern life, anger very rarely solves problems and most often it just makes others angry in response or completely unsympathetic to our point of view.  It may make us feel better for a moment or two but in the long term it can have destructive effects on our personality and those around us.

Anger is most often a learnt behaviour.  When patterns of behaviour, that give rise to anger, become deeply ingrained, they can get out of hand.  Sometimes they can destroy families, careers or relationships.  Worst still, if we are a parent, we can inadvertently pass on these patterns of anger to our children and to future generations.

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Do you remember ever getting angry unnecessarily?  Think about how, when you later calmed down, you felt bad that you had lost your temper?  As you got angry you were triggering behavioural responses in the primitive part of your brain.  As you calmed down you were taking back intellectual control and could gain a better perspective on the situation.

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Fortunately, we can use Hypnotherapy to break the negative cycles of behaviour that lead to anger.  We can use Hypnotherapy to help you learn to take intellectual control in situations where you would previously have lost your temper and replace the anger with more positive, appropriate responses. Helping you to become the calmer, more thoughtful and controlled person you want to be.  Not only that, you can look forward to better relationships with those around you!