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Addiction and Dependency

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There are many forms of addiction and dependency. It may be an increasing dependency on alcohol or drugs, a drive to pursue gambling, a sexual addiction or perhaps excessive amounts of time being spent on internet activity. Indeed, addiction can be seen as any activity that is out of control. Clearly with certain kinds of behaviour, such as excessive alcohol intake, there can be serious consequences in terms of physical health. Often though, it is the social consequences of excessive behaviour that do the most serious damage.

As an addiction gradually becomes stronger, it can result in damage to your important relationships. This can eventually undermine and lead to the destruction of all that is important to you. Addictions can sometimes lead to the loss of family relationships, friends, job, self-esteem and even your home. If you recognise the beginnings of this destructive path then perhaps its time to do something about it, now. Whatever your addiction or dependency, I would like to help.

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Whenever you repeat a pleasurable behaviour it is reinforced by your mind. This is a simple survival instinct built into the more primitive part of brain. This part of your mind encourages you to repeat the behaviour and so on. Of course, it may only be a problem when it starts to interfere with other important areas of your life. Unfortunately, the primitive part of your subconscious mind often continues to reinforce unhelpful behaviour. A particular behaviour or habit starts to take hold. Again, as you repeat the action, the behaviour is continually reinforced.


Fortunately, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to break this spiral of excessive behaviour. We can work together to take control of the negative habits that support your addiction and help return more positive control into your life. Here the news gets better. Once we help you to think and feel more positively about your life (and I know you may not feel that is possible at the moment), the subconscious brain itself steps in to help.

The intellectual part of your subconscious brain will help you start taking control of the way you behave. You will start to regain control not only in the area of your addiction but indeed in all areas of your life. You will find yourself starting to use your life experience and skills more effectively to solve all life’s problems. You will be finding your way to the healthy, positive, self-confident person you want to be.